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Cafe / Bistro

Excellent Cash Flow


Location: Maui

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This cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a country setting with great healthy food sourced from local organic farms. The organic produce includes: organic cow's milk and butter, local grass fed beef, and the finest aromatic imported Greek honey along with imported pure Greek olive oil, which is used in all the cooking and dressings. Also served are: home made breads, buns, pestos, tapenades, spreads, & muffins.

Confidentiality is our #1 Priority
(All Businesses are LH unless otherwise stated)
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Michael Capuano (S)
Millennium Realty, Inc.
phone: 808-280-0394
fax 24-hour: 808-244-6222
PO Box 1537
Kihei, HI 96753