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Aloha and welcome to With over 25 businesses for sale on Maui we hope to be part of your investing here on Maui. As I am a businessman here on Maui (I own my own restaurant, a candy manufacturing company, and have created a franchise here on Maui) I can intimately relate to all of your needs professionally.

Remember that every successful deal requires a satisfied seller and a satisfied buyer. A "win-win" deal is the best situation for everyone. A favorable sale is achieved when the seller obtains a fair price for the business and the viability of the business is preserved such that the business can continue to prosper after the sale.

Business owners sell their businesses for a variety of reasons including: a lack of challenges, health reasons, or just plain old fatigue. Other owners are motivated to sell by a changing marketplace, technological advances, spousal pressure or a desire to start a new chapter in life. Often, owners when they reach the point where their business needs to ramp up to the next level, opt to sell rather than incur this added burden.

On the next page are the latest of our many offerings. The following pages group the listings by categories: franchises, other non-franchise restaurants, and retail space. With over 20 years experience here on Maui, we also can consult with you about your business needs. We would be honored to guide you to the right business investment.

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