Ten Steps to Selling a Business

If you are interested the first step will be a business evaluation with NO CHARGE if you list your business for sale. The standard fee for an evaluation is $500 - $1000. I have over 20-years experience, and I am an expert witness in court cases to establish business value. The cost to list and sell a business is 10% and paid at settlement. MAHALO for considering me for evaluation for your business and possible sale. Below is the list I need to evaluate a business. I have been on Maui since 1988 selling businesses and 8-years prior that on the mainland. I have sold over 200 businesses. As an owner of Business Evaluations & Investments, Wow-Wee Maui's Candy Bar, Wow-Wee Maui's Oxygen Bar, Wow-Wee Maui's Cafe and Kava Bar, and my main job is Business Sales, I understand small businesses and can be very attentive to your needs. I look forward to working with you and your business decisions. I assure you CONFIDENTIALITY IS THE #1 PRIORITY. The evaluation will consist of a series of questions, the information listed below, and my research to help suggest the market value. I have over 20-years experience, and I am an expert witness in court cases to establish business value. The cost to list and sell a business is 10% and paid at settlement. Your first step is to look for expert guidance. When a business broker is involved in the sale, he or she will channel the process to keep the transaction within safely silent bounds. You can expect your business intermediary to do the following:
  1. The Consultation At the meeting, we will review the procedures for the sale of your company. You will be advised of all pertinent data necessary for the sale.
  2. Getting The Facts Information concerning company history, financial status, and industry position will be assembled for the evaluation.
  3. The Evaluation The size and complexity of the business will determine the degree of analysis necessary to complete the evaluation.
  4. The Agreement With your understanding of the procedures involved, we will execute a Letter of Authorization. This document allows us to proceed with the marketing and sale of your business.
  5. The Business Profile To properly market your business we will prepare a Business Profile. This is an overview which will assist buyers in understanding and evaluating your business for their investment. Included in this presentation is the history of your company, description of its facilities, financial information, service, and product information, your reason for selling, and the firm's overall strengths. This information is treated with strict confidentiality at all times.
  6. The Marketing Plan We will also develop and execute a customized marketing plan. After determining the appropriate market, your business will be selectively and discreetly advertised in specific publications or presented through other outlets.
  7. Qualifying Buyers We careful screen all prospective buyers before they have access to any proprietary information about your company. A buyer's background, qualifications, experience, financial resources, and references will be examined in depth. The buyer will also be required to have on file a signed Confidentiality Agreement & Financial Statement.
  8. Structuring Transaction We know that price is only one factor in negotiating a sale. Through training and experience, we are fully qualified to lead these negotiations, offering assistance in such areas as creative financing, tax considerations, from of acquisition and many others.
  9. Closing We are experienced in closing transactions. We will work both with you and with the buyer's lawyers, accountants, bankers and other professionals to insure that everything is appropriate for the transition to new ownership.

The tools I will need will be as follows:
  1. A list of furniture, and equipment at an estimated value.
  2. A list of vehicles (make model, miles) the estimated value if sold with company.
  3. An estimated cost of inventory on hand this will be included in sale.
  4. The cost of your leasehold improvements if any.
  5. A copy of your lease and amendments to see options available if any.
  6. Business Profit & Loss and tax returns for prior years and year to date.
  7. Any special permits or license and any value (Copy of license).
  8. Upon receipt of information we will sit down and go over discretionary cash, one time write off, Seller benefits & the business questionnaire.
  9. How many accounts, how long established time frame of agreement?
  10. Active accounts and dates.

  • Determine your compatibility with the principal broker and your licensed Internet Business Counselor or among numerous cooperating brokers with whom we network nationwide.
  • Have the broker perform a no-cost Business Valuation to determine a realistic selling price prior to your signing a listing agreement with Business Brokers Hawaii, Inc. Experience our experience!
  • Provide the broker with lease, financial, and other detailed accurate data so that buyer will have decision-making information conserving his/her time and yours. You may download a Seller’s Check List form for this purpose.
  • If you haven't already, please create an account with us, then you'll be cleared to access our Confidentiality Agreement & Net Worth Statement.
  • Agree with us as pertains to your comfort level of privacy and use of a generic name, since confidentiality is our number one priority!
  • Often, a buyer will be glad to pay a premium price for your business if you are agreeable to extending convenient buying terms. As an example, if your business was offered at $300,000, inclusive of a $100,000 down payment, the $200,000 promissory note that you selectively accept,  may be purchased by any number of firms who specialize in buying promissory notes at about a 20% discount. So you see, it may be possible for you to offer convenient buying terms and (in a two step transaction),  end up with all cash for yourself. Please refer to our section that pertains to Selling Promissory Notes.
  • Enjoy your sale proceeds and start the next chapter in your life!

Confidentiality is our #1 Priority
(All Businesses are LH unless otherwise stated)
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